The Alfco Rope Scraper

Alfco Rope Scraper

Safe, quiet and economical scraper system designed to clean efficiently cubicle and feed passages of various widths and lengths.
The system operates using two winches mounted at one end of the cubicle house
The winches operate alternatively using a high quality dynema rope to move the scraper blades up and down the passages.
Can clean up to 120 metres.

Please see short video below:

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The Alfco Rope Scraper Components:

Control Panel:

• Can be easily programmed using our user-friendly keypad.
• Works manually or can be set to come on automatically at present intervals.
• If it detects an animal lying on the passage it will reverse and stop. It will then go forward again after 1 min.
• If it detects an animal again it will reverse and shut down until it is manually restarted
• Three power settings (1. For Motor start up, 2. Normal running power, 3. Cow down protection)
• By using the invertor, we have maximum control over our scrapers. This allows the motor 30 seconds to reach its maximum speed on start-up resulting in reduced wear on the gearbox and rope.


Corner Pullies:

• Pulley Housing, made from 6mm galvanised steel.
• Can be floor or wall mounted.
• Pulley made from acetal.
• Rotates on a stainless-steel pin.
• No need to grease and will have very little wear


Drive Winches:

• Made from heavy gauge hot dipped galvanised steel.
• Can be floor or wall mounted.
• Water proof sensors placed in the drum are used to control speed and parking
• Scraper runs at a constant speed of four meters a minute but slows down as it approaches the slatted tank allowing more time for the slurry to flow away.
• The sensors detect a marker placed in the rope for accurate parking.
• This is backed up with a counter that counts the number of revolutions on the winch drum.
• Programmed to gradually slow down when parking at the end of the cleaning cycle resulting in no catapult action to injure or frighten animals.
• Three motor and gearbox options depending on length of passages


• 12 mm dynema rope.
• Minimum breaking load 16.4 Tons.
• No stretch characteristics.
• Extremely flexible and lightweight.
• Animal friendly


Scraper Blade:

• Robust all galvanised construction and animal friendly design.
• Blade constructed from 12mm steel with 20mm heels for long life.
• Floating blades give excellent cleaning and first class hygiene results.
• Rope can be easily attached and adjusted.