Alfco Standalone Drafting System

Alfco Standalone Drafting System

Alfco Engineering would like to introduce you to our fast, simple and efficient Drafting System.

  • ALFCO MOBILE APP. Draft cows from anywhere
  • Full integration with CENSORTEC Ireland
  • Keypad Located in Milking area as standard
  • Operated with EID Tags
  • Cow Count function
  • Integrates with Alfco Backing Gates

Please see short video of our Drafting gate below:

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Drafting System Components:


Works with E.I.D tags
Two or three way drafting
Cows can be divided into 8 groups
Cows can be preselected into a group for treatment at a future date e.g. hoof pairing
Cows can be selected into a group and will remain in that group until their number is cancelled
Cows can be included in multiple groups and will be drafted into whichever group is selected
When cows are individually selected for A.I. their number is automatically cancelled when drafting is complete
Cows without tags can be selected and separated from cows with tags
The digits are large and easily read
When pressed they give a definite reaction
Can store up to 9988 cow numbers

 The Antenna

The Antenna is totally sealed and can be used on outside installations. It will be mounted on the raceway either on the sides when using eartag and Keypad I.D or overhead when using tail transponders.

Indicator Light

The indicator light is mounted in the milking pit. This is activated when a cow is being drafted and notifies the operator when the drafting process is complete.

 Saloon Gates

When a cow is selected for drafting the saloon gates close behind her. This stops her from reversing back and stops the cow following, from bolting through with the drafted one.

The Sorting Gate

When a cow is identified the sorting gate diverts her into the holding area. It automatically returns to the open position when the drafting function is complete.

Remote Control Operation

Animals without transponders can be drafted using a remote control zapper. This means that one man can easily separate his herd into groups without needing extra help.

Anti-Locking Device

The saloon gates are operated using an anti-locking mechanism. This ensures that a cow does not get caught in the gates.

 Tail Transponder

When a cow needs to be drafted, a transponder is attached to her tail using a bungee cord. When she passes under the antenna she is identified, and the drafting process begins.

Heat Detection

Fully integrated with the Censortec/Nedap heat detection system