Interlocking Mats

Interlocking matting is better for your Animals…

  • Protection from concrete – cushioned comfort and thermal insulation
  • Reduces occurrence of injuries
  • Fewer respiratory disorders from bedding
  • Less tendency to slip or become cast
  • More time lying down means more vital deep sleep periods
  • Ideal for stables

…and better for you

  • Less time mucking out
  • Outlay costs typically recouped within 18 months through minimal bedding purchase and disposal
  • Mats can easily be lifted to clean underneath if required
  • Easy to fit

What is Equimat Interlocking / Stable Matting?


A unique interlocking non-porous rubber flooring system of rubber stable matting in a natural green colour.


Safe, cushioned comfort and thermal insulation for your horse; light and easy to manoeuvre for you.


Stable matting for looseboxes, stables, transporters and horse trailers – fits any area.


Non toxic, non absorbent, not affected by urine or concentrated disinfectants.


Sectional make-up means stable mats are both easy to fit and easy to lift for cleaning underneath.


Equimat Interlocking / stable matting withstands the wear and tear of normal shoeing and road studs, and will last for many years in normal use.


Strong, light, environmentally sound materials – EVA (ethyl-vinyl-acetate) and rubber.


Two thicknesses of Interlocking / stable matting: Standard (20mm) for everyday stabling, Supersoft (28mm) for special needs, such as veterinary areas, foaling boxes, heavy horses, and in the treatment of arthritis, laminitis and similar conditions.

Custom sizes: please email details or fax a plan of your stable area and we will be happy to quote . Alternatively please telephone us on 353 (0)46 9431740 with your wall to wall internal measurements.

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