Alley R16 Rolled Matting


Product Description

Avoid Cows Slipping on miking parlour floors with the alfco Anti-slip Mats

Available in Rolls or single mats.

The R16 Rubber matting can be used for multiple purposes in and around your barn., the Seamless, impervious, vulcanized rolled rubber matting is the best choice for walkways, alleys, waiting areas, milking parlors etc.

The R16 rolled matting features a ribbed bottom pattern of 2mm height.The top pattern is an anit-slip harmmer blow pattern.

The R16 rolled rubber matting can be used in combination with a slurry scraper without any problems. however we recommend you to contact your slurry scraper supplier for the right adjustments.

The R16 Rolled matting is made of a good grade rubber compound and comes with a very strong nylon/polyester mesh insert for additional dimensional stability and strength. many years of animal comfort and a long life span are guaranteed. Your Cows will feel safe and secure!


Material:           Vulcanized rubber
Top Pattern:     Hammerblow
Bottom Pattern: rib, 2mm hight
Total thickness: 6mm to 16mm
Mesh insert:       nylon / polyester

max roll width:  230cm
max roll lenght: 50 m