Roll Mats

rolledAlley R16 Rolled Matting

Avoid Cows Slipping on miking parlour floors with the alfco Anti-slip Mats
Available in Rolls or single mats.
The R16 Rubber matting can be used for multiple purposes in and around your barn., the Seamless, impervious, vulcanized rolled rubber matting is the best choice for walkways, alleys, waiting areas, milking parlors etc.

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rolledupS20 X-Tra Rolled Matting

Rubber for cow cubicles S20 X-TRA rolled Matting
The S20 X-TRA rolled matting features a  studded bottom pattern and has been a proven concept in the dairy sector for many years. Its one od the most comfortable vulcanized rubber floor covering for cows avaiable in te market.
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