Cow Mats – Cubicle Matting

Why do you need Cow Mats?

Recent studies by veterinary surgeons have made the case for cow mats.

Consider the following:
When a cow lies down, she supports 80% of her weight on a tripod formed by two knees and a hock
In the act of Lying down, a cow ‘free falls’ about fifteen inches.
Outdoors, Nature provides the cow with a soft cushion of turf. When she gets up, the hollows visible in the ground illustrates the pressure imposed on her knees and back.
In the comfort of the filed, a cow will spend half her day lying down.
Concrete cubicle beds, simply sprinkled with a think layer of litter, provide only a hard and often unkind surface
The pressure caused by the hardness of a concrete bed restricts circulation, causing swollen knees, hock lesions and consequent lameness.

Cubicle Mattress

rolledRoll Out Super Comfort Mattress

Using an 8mm rubber cover, reinforced with a strong nylon polyester mesh insert.
The underlay is made from E.V.A material which is 30mm in thickness and is non-absorbent.
It is not affected by damp or wet conditions.

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id--253Single Comfort Cow Mat

Available on the Irish market for over 30 years, manufactured from E.V.A and Rubber to create a warm, soft and comfortable bed.

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roll-150x150S20 Extra Rolled Cubicle Matting

The S20 X-TRA rolled matting features a  studded bottom pattern and has been a proven concept in the dairy sector for many years. Its one od the most comfortable vulcanized rubber floor covering for cows avaiable in te market.

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rolledR16 Rolled Lyeback Matting

The R16 Rubber matting can be used for multiple purposes in and around your barn., the Seamless, impervious, vulcanized rolled rubber matting is the best choice for walkways, alleys, waiting areas, milking parlors etc.

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supersoft-comfort-matSupersoft Comfort Map

With an improved combination of rubber and EVA, Supersoft’s generous 28mm depth gives supreme comfort, better grip and durability.

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